Creative Computing Kit

A super fun and creative way to learn coding

Category: Advanced Kits

Arduino Computing Educational


Creative Computing kit is an arduino based kit. It walks you through the basics of using the Arduino in a hands-on way. You will learn coding through building several creative projects. The kit includes the most common and useful electronic components (sensors) with over 100 project videos. From making basic projects to complex ones, the kit helps you connect the digital world with the physical one. 

Creative Computing kit is inspired from our series of classes and based on the few fundamental beliefs that Karkhana has about technology, teaching and the 21st century. Programming and digital tools are not just functional i.e. engineering tools but also powerful tools of creative self-expression. We believe the future - from self-driving cars to drones to home automation systems - require blending the digital and physical world, thus require physical fabrication skills alongside digital ones.



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